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Phishing Campaigns

A series of custom crafted phishes sent to all employees to identify those individuals representing phishing risk to the organization.

What is a Phishing Campaign?

A Phishing Campaign is a client-tailored exercise in which pseudo-malicious email is sent to your employees in an effort to identify the population that represents cyber-risk to the organization through email attacks.

Why Perform a Phishing Campaign?

Interaction with a malicious email is one of the most common ways attackers gain access to your infrastructure.  A well-designed campaign will help you identify those within the organization that pose risk in this regard so remedial strategies can be employed.  With the facts in-hand you can deploy proven risk-reduction strategies such as anti-phishing awareness training that draws on the actual phishes employed in the campaign.

Why Choose Affinity IT?

We simulate what attackers really do when they target your organization by creating relevant in-context content that is, frankly, hard to discern from legitimate email.  Consequently, we have an impressive track record of getting the clicks, harvesting the credentials, and ensnaring targets in our schemes.  Our report details the payloads, lessons learned, and risk-scores every recipient.  When combined with our Anti-Phishing training, your organizations will exhibit dramatic behavioral change and risk-reduction.


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